We nurture Self Help, Natural Talent & Self Worth in Teens

(Ages 13-19) 


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​​Jr. Bright Scholars Institute uses Passion & Personality as academic change agents. We provide social & emotional critical thinking challenges that show young scholars how to help themselves using natural talent, social awareness & mindful empathy. We call these tools, Concealed Weapons.

JBSI.org Scholar plans for success includes asserting self worth, personal values & emotional intelligence as functions of mental health, social welfare and academic achievement.  Scholars can access FREE and/or LOW COST learning libraries, resources, and professional certifications offered by a growing list of OAL and Learning Partners.

JBSI.org Scholars learn, earn and track their personal achievements, community service, business projects and IT credentials on our  Learning Management System.  By age 19, our Scholars arrive - experienced, credentialed, ready to compete.